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Aubrey had great energy and really knew her shit! I had a Brazilian Sugaring so I hope you all understand why I'm not sharing a photo of my before and after :-)
It has been a few days since and I have no irritation or ingrown hairs and she got everything!! I have very coarse hair so typically there are stubborn hairs that don't go, but that isn't the case with her.
I will definitely be going back in 4 weeks! Thanks Aubrey!! You're awesome and I'm glad I found you!

- Michelle H.

Auburey is absolutely AMAZING!
I had attempted my first go at sugaring my binkini line at Sugar Me Wax. While the staff was very nice there, the overall experience completely traumatized me. It hurt. SO MUCH.
While I was very traumatized, I also realized that this is the most effective way for long term hair removal. I decided to look around and try another place and I luckily found Auburey.
First off, she is so nice. She takes her time, explains everything, and goes through her process and products. She also takes the time to get to know you, your hair type, and your past experiences. I was so tense to begin with but she helped with some breathing techniques and stress balls (THEY WERE VERY HELPFUL).
Auburey took her time with the appointment and I didn't feel rushed at all. She made sure that she got everything and gave me some tips for skincare which I will take to heart.
The experience was so much less painful and afterwards my skin didn't feel like it was on fire.
If you want a great sugaring experience, go with Auburey. You really won't regret it.

- Aly L.

Auburey is great at making everyone comfortable and consistently provides excellent service. I've recommended her to a friend before, and I'd happily do it again!

- Tanzida L.

Auburey is second to none, really. I moved to the USA 1 year ago and was wondered why so great method as sugaring isn't popular here. I've tried a few places, but wasn't deeply satisfied. A couple months ago I was lucky to find Auburey. Perfect! She is a professional and has a very nice personality. If you still try finding your shugaring specialist you must  come to Auburey Aesthetics. Am pretty sure, you'll never regret about that!

- Elena F.

Auburey was very welcoming and inviting and the salon is clean, and the decor was so adorable- Auburey is knowledgeable and taught me about the benefits of waxing with a sugar solution! Brazilians are difficult to get in the first place, but Auburey showed me breathing techniques to help me get through, and her sugaring technique was far less painful than getting it done with the polymer waxes.

- Denise M.

Aubrey did such an amazing job sugaring! She helped ease my mind and did wonderful. She also even spent extra time at the end talking to me about skin care and was very knowledgeable. I highly suggest her services!

- Hannah

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